The Cortado

But first, coffee.

If you’re anything like us, nothing happens before your morning dose of caffeine. 

And not just any instant ground variety. 

A good day needs to start with a good brew. 

One of our favorites is the Cortado, or the “​​Gibraltar”.

This drink has a unique, quirky personality that we just can’t get enough of. 

What’s so special about this little drink?

Read on.


What's the Cortado Anyway?

A cortado is a simple espresso drink that originated in Spain.

Its smaller sized (about 4 to 6 ounces) and drunk hot.

It is made with half espresso, half steamed milk and served in a small metal or

glass cup. (We prefer glass). Like most Spanish drinks, the Cortado doesn’t have

any foam, froth or fluff. This allows the light, steamed milk to smoothly blend with

the bold, strong espresso. The beauty of this drink is not in it’s presentation but in

its straightforward simplicity and flavor.


What's the Funky Name?

The word “cortado” comes from the Spanish word “cortar.” In English, this word

means “to cut”. The Cortado got its name because of its composition. The milk is

intended to cut through the acidity of the coffee. 


Teach Me How to Cortado

  1. Grind about 16.5 ounces of espresso coffee.
  2. Extract 2 shots of espresso into a Cortado glass.
  3. Steam 2 - 3 ounces of milk. Do not foam. 
  4. Slowly pour the steamed milk over the espresso. (Make sure the ratio is 1:1)

Voila! A perfect Cortado.


How to Serve 

Cortados are intended to be served in a small 4-6 ounce glass or metal cup. The

caffeine content is very strong (hello two shots of espresso) so although you may

have the urge to down it in a gulp, sip slowly. These little drinks are not served

with any foam or designs, it’s all about the bold, harmonious flavor.


Our Cortado Glass

We love this drink so much that we designed a glass just for it.

The perfect fusion of sleek and functional, our Kook Cortado Glasses

will whisk you off to Spanish cafe heaven. Made with durable glass, an elegant 

paneled design and weighted base for comfortable drinking. We've designed our

Cortado glasses to accentuate the aromatic experience, flavor and presentation

of each sip.


Grab a set and get brewing!


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