Kitchen Bowl Set with Lids, 50/28/16/9 oz

$44.95 $59.95
Could this be the answer to non-existent pantry space and overflowing dirty dishes? We think yes. Mix, serve, store and reheat - all with one bowl. And this set comes with four different sizes, so they can be used for everything from sauces to soups or salads. Each bowl is paired with a leak-proof plastic lid that locks out all air, keeping contents fresh and transportable. You can take your leftovers straight from the fridge to the microwave, pop off the lid to serve, and, well, back to the fridge for later. When you’ve tired of recycling last week’s dinner, you can retire them to the dishwasher. Or keep reheating. We won’t judge.

Capacity: XL 50 oz L 28 oz M 16 oz S 9 oz
Num in Set: 4
Oven Safe (Bowl only)
Dishwasher Safe
Microwave Safe
Freezer Safe
Material: Ceramic base & Plastic lid
Polyfoam Shipping Protection

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