Terracotta Ramen Bowls with Chopsticks, 36 oz, Set of 2

$39.95 $59.95
Ramen is best enjoyed piping hot, with a soft-boiled egg and scallions. But more importantly, in your pajamas, under a fluffy blanket and snuggling on the couch. And now you don’t have to go to the restaurant to eat your noodles the right way. These bowls are made from beautiful, traditional terracotta with a wide diameter, slightly footed base and extra deep interior. (We can't be having any splashes on those cushions now can we?)

Capacity: 36 oz

Num in Set: 2 bowls, 2 chopsticks

Oven Safe up to 350F

Dishwasher Safe

Microwave Safe

Freezer Safe

Material: Terracotta

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