How to store potatoes, onion and garlic for dummies

Fridge? Counter? Basement?

Most people don’t give the storage of these staple veggies much thought. 

But don’t be fooled. They may look rough and hardy, but they too need a little bit of love. 

Ever notice how after some time your golden potatoes start looking a little sickly green? 

That’s because they’ve been exposed to light for too long. 

What’s the big deal you ask? Or didn’t ask? We’ll tell you anyway. 

This greenish color is a telltale sign that glycoalkaloids, a harmful toxin, are building in the potato. Eat that and you’ll find yourself with a very, very painful stomach ache. 

So first things first, potatoes, onion and garlic need to be kept in a cool, dark place. 

Another thing they need is to stay dry. 

Vegetables slowly release water. Without ventilation, their environment becomes damp, and mold and bacteria flourish. 


In order for that water to evaporate freely,

their container needs to have aerating holes.

Yes, onions need to breathe too.

Lastly, vegetables need their space. 

Storing them together with other fruits and vegetables may transfer flavors and accelerate spoiling. Nobody wants banana flavored french fries, ammiright?

Sounds like a headache to take care of?

Enter our rustic farmhouse Storage Canisters. 

They comes in a set of 3, and are designed to keep your potatoes, onions and garlic dark, dry and secluded. 

They’ll keep your veggies fully fresh, kitchen organized, and all with a flair of vintage style. Win, win!

Spring has never looked Fresher.


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