Kook Drink Dispenser, Set of 2


It's sleek, it's sturdy, and it's about to be your summer savior. Fill it up with lemonade for the kids outside, or sangria for the adults...inside. This classy glass dispenser is leak-free, designed with a stainless steel spigot and lightweight for easy handling.

●Capacity: 76.79 Oz

●Num in Set: 2 pcs

●Oven Safe up to what degree? NO

●Dishwasher Safe? YES

●Microwave Safe? NO

●Freezer Safe? YES(Can be refrigerated but not frozen.)

●Material: Soda-lime glass

●Finish: No finish

●Care instructions: Do not scratch it with sharp objects.

●This is packaged in Cardboard or Polyfoam: Polyfoam


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